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A Scheduled Summer


Summer Days…. Summer Schedule As the temperature begins to rise and the beauty of the sun beckons us outdoors, it’s the time of year for a school ...

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LAVENDER - Our Heavenly Father has provided so many amazing herbs, natural compounds and such—not only for wonderful medicinal and culinary uses, but to keep us clean and healthy. By creating our own home and body care products with what he has provided, we are being good stewards of the resources he’s given us. #homeschool #essentialoils

Time for Lavender It’s summertime and that means lavender is in full bloom, just begging to be harvested and enjoyed! Lavender is fairly abundan...

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The Spoken Word

THE SPOKEN WORD - In homeschooling our children, we endeavor to search out and strengthen all the possibilities the Lord has placed within them, to give them everything they need to fulfill the calling he’s placed on their lives. And we often find this assignment to be a very daunting one—as well we should. #homeschool #languagearts

Foundations. They are arguably the most important part of any building project. Whether you’re talking about a physical house, a relationship, your ...

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