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A Technology Tool Kit

A TECHNOLOGY TOOL KIT - "Our kids will be using technology for school, work, and life. The sooner they learn how to make good choices when it comes to using technology, the better." #homeschool #technology

I was not surprised when, at age two, my oldest son was able to unlock my smartphone. He comes from a long line of technologically gifted men. My husb...

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Fun with Field Trips


For many of us, the word “school” may bring to mind rows of desks, blackboards, recess, and bringing an apple for the teacher. With the right mind...

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The Comparing Game

THE COMPARING GAME - "You have weaknesses galore. The important thing is not to compare your weaknesses against someone else’s strengths. If you do, you’ll lose the comparison, and you’ll spend all your days trying to be something you were not made to be." #homeschool #hsmoms

There’s just something exciting about the start of a new school year. The smell of freshly sharpened yellow pencils, along with new art boxes, new s...

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Homeschool Debate Club

HOMESCHOOL DEBATE CLUB - Teaching students debate skills has numerous life benefits as it teaches intellectual skills like critical thinking, social and professional skills like defending a viewpoint respectfully, and literacy skills like argumentation and composition. #homeschool #debate

Anyone who interacts with teens knows that getting them to argue is not difficult. The problem is getting them to argue well, and about things that ac...

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Lapbook Basics

LAPBOOK BASICS - "Lapbooks can improve retention in learning, reinforce study, and motivate reluctant students. They are also easy to display, easy to store, and easy to pull out for review!" #homeschooling #basics

No matter what you call them—lapbooks, flapbooks, flipbooks, notebooks, portfolios, share books, shutterbooks, unit studies, and more—lapbooks are...

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Fun Without Fireworks

FUN WITHOUT FIREWORKS - Don't let a lack of fireworks dim your holiday! You and your family can bond and have fun by enjoying any of these alternate activities. #4thofJuly #homeschool

One evening a few years ago, my husband and I loaded our children and a ton of gear into the minivan. We were eager to head off and expose our girls t...

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Relating to Mom

RELATING TO MOM - “Opening up and seeing that your mom used to be exactly like you makes her seem a little less intimidating to you and makes her feel more loved, important, and interesting. Story seeking is a win-win.” #momanddaughter #homeschool

To be honest, this topic seems to be a bit of a taboo. Relating to our mothers should be natural. It seems to be a given, because our mothers relate t...

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