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Must Reads Homeschool Edition, August 23, 2014

must reads homeschool @heduaonline

Welcome to “Must Reads: Homeschool Edition” for August 23, 2014! Before your weekend gets too busy, we’d like to inspire you with some of our favorite articles from the week from HEDUA’s sites and across the web. Each Saturday we’ll ...

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Managing the Dating and Courtship Balancing Act


A Balanced Approach to Dating and Courtship Interview with Homeschool Grad Arlen Busenitz When did you begin homeschooling, and what did you think of it? I was homeschooled starting in kindergarten. It was a great experience. Mom kept us on ...

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5 Simple Steps to Easy Meal Planning


It’s that time of year again. School supplies have been on sale for weeks, the pool is closing, and the little yellow school bus will be stopping for all of the children up and down our street. While we homeschool ...

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A Messy Nest of Nested Parentheses


From the time I gain consciousness in the morning until my first parenthetical thought, usually about 2.4 seconds have elapsed. It goes something like this: It’s Tuesday, right? So that means we have to leave by 8:30 (oh wait, don’t ...

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Not-Back-to-School Homeschool Supplies


Every year as summer winds down, inspiration strikes me when I’m shopping at my favorite store. You know, the one with the hypnotizing bull’s-eye and all that inviting redness? When the water guns disappear and are replaced by colorful displays ...

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A Smooth Start to Homeschooling Special Needs


For many homeschooling families, a new school year is beginning or is already underway. For families homeschooling a student with special needs, the start to a new year or the homeschooling journey can be rough. Whether you realized you were ...

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Assessing an Evaluation, Evaluating an Assessment


You will not be homeschooling long before you hear the terms assessment and evaluation. These are usually in connection with complying with your state’s laws. However, there is a difference between assessment and evaluation. Each has its own distinct uses, ...

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5 Tips for Conquering Chore Chaos


Housework and chores in our Little Red House seem never ending. Throw in seven kids and a complete homeschooling day, and I can just about guarantee laundry piles, dirty dishes and afternoon chaos. But there IS hope! Even before I ...

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