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Using Well Planned Day with Multiple Students


I love planners that provide structure while still allowing flexibility. But sometimes that flexibility makes it hard to know the best way to use a planner. In those situations, it can be helpful for someone else to share their methods. ...

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Must Reads Homeschool Edition, April 18, 2015


Before your weekend gets too busy, we'd like to inspire you with some of our favorite articles from HEDUA and across the web. Each Saturday we’ll share a digest of the best and give you something to do while you drink your morning coffee. Let’s get started!

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Don’t Let Summer Break Break You

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By mid-June we were all a mishmash of Bibles, pencil stubs, half-chewed fingernails, glazed eyes, broken toys, wrinkled foreheads, and overdue library books piled up on our study floor. My little people and I couldn’t reduce another fraction or test ...

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My Child Doesn’t Want to Go to College!

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Welcome to the Audience Soapbox article from 2015 Issue 3 of  Family Magazine. The point of the Audience Soapbox is to give our readers a place to discuss both sides of issues. This is a place to discuss philosophies. Please join ...

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Road Trips

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The PTA Chronicles Have a question that needs answers? Need to vent? Anxious about this homeschooling journey you’re on? Ask Melyssa: she’s been through it too, and knows how you’re feeling. So, take a deep breath, relax, pour some tea, ...

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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool


10 Questions to Ask Before You Start I see you there packing lunch for your wiggly, out-of-the-box thinker. Inwardly, you groan, wondering what can go wrong again today. You load the car, throw it into gear, and glance longingly at ...

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The Problem with Being Perfect


Each year at about this time, like many seasoned home educators, I start my annual research for next year’s school year. Though it has been years since I have made whole scale changes to our curriculum, I still like to ...

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Am I Sure I’m On The Right Track?

“I often tell other parents that they need to look at the neurology behind their child's special needs. I tell them that it is possible to help their child overcome their neurological challenges, not just help them adapt to living with them."

Helping My Child With Special Needs When Debbie Fowler’s 6-year-old son MJ was diagnosed with mild, high-functioning autism, she started doing everything she could to help him adapt to situations that seemed to come so naturally to other children his ...

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Raising a Relational Child


When your child goes to school, what’s the highest measure of success? A report card filled with A’s? Although academic achievement is a worthwhile goal, there’s something more important than your child’s academic record. What kind of human being is ...

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Math Manipulatives


Not Just for “Little Kids” For many people, the mention of math manipulatives calls to mind cute little bears used for counting, or craft sticks tied in bundles to illustrate place value. Once those concepts have been learned, these people ...

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