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Study Bags and Journals: Family Interaction

Creation study @heduaonline

Study God’s Handiwork in Nature Nature study is a wonderful way to “show” God to children and teach them an appreciation and respect for life. (Tweet this!) All ages can participate at any season, no matter the weather. Looking for ...

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Smotherhood vs. Purposeful Parenting


If lives came with control panels I’d adjust my Ultra-Protective Parental Instincts Lever . . . stat. It seems mine’s been stuck on “max” for over a decade as I’ve perfected the arts of disaster prevention and damage mitigation. I’m ...

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Glitter Germs


Create glitter germs to learn how germs spread to different objects with a few simple supplies to enrich your science lessons with hands-on learning.

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Astronomy: Our Father’s Design, Part 3


Worldwide Astronomy In the cosmic panorama from both Earth hemispheres, approximately 10,000 stars are visible to the healthy human eye. An inherent humanoid propensity is to see patterns among objects. People long ago connected the brightest stars into configurations. A ...

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Must Reads Homeschool Edition, July 19, 2014

must reads homeschool @heduaonline

Welcome to “Must Reads: Homeschool Edition” for July 19, 2014! Before your weekend gets too busy, we’d like to inspire you with some of our favorite articles from the week from HEDUA’s sites and across the web. Each Saturday we’ll ...

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On Location at the Creation Museum


Join the Life Plus Homeschooling crew as they stop by for a visit with Ken Ham at the Creation Museum. Find out more about this fun field trip destination on this episode of Life Plus Homeschooling!

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Planning the Fence


Last time we were together, I mentioned the fence project. I skipped straight into the gravel pits, telling you to assume we had a plan in hand. Let us revisit the planning. Planning is valuable. That may seem like it does ...

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3 Types of Well Planned Day Users


Can I tell you a secret? Promise not to tell, since I am a homeschool mom who works for HEDUA! The Well Planned Day homeschool planner used to intimidate me. Really! Now that I’ve figured out what kind of Well ...

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Store and Change Game


The Store and Change game is a fun and simple teaching tool that young children will want to play again and again. With a simple list of supplies, your child will learn the value of money, how to count change, and other math skills.

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The Friendly Face of Stranger Danger


What do you do when a stranger moves into your neighborhood? Not just the person you have not met, but a “real” stranger. The type who instills dread into the heart of every parent . . . the dangerous stranger. Kids are ...

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