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Slow Down Busy Mom – Take a Look Around

#homeschool busy mom @heduaonline

Busy — everyone in this country is so busy with such full schedules. What ever happened to free time? Down time to just explore and play? Does every child need a scheduled activity to learn? Unschooling your child is so different ...

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THIS Year Will be Different


New School Year Resolutions I will not be compelled to have my child fill in every blank just because it’s there. If they’ve mastered the material and don’t need the review, I will be free enough to skip it. In ...

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I Can’t Believe I Said That!


Things I Can’t Believe I Said We don’t write on the baby. Please don’t lick the car. How can you not know what hit you? The bruise is between your eyes. When you thought about becoming a parent, you probably ...

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Why I Like Algebra and How I Use It!


Everyone who knows me at all knows that I am a NERD. I am forever pushing my imaginary glasses up on my nose. And like a lot of nerds, I love algebra. I like working the problems because they are ...

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Celebrate Italian Heritage Month


America has been called the melting pot because so many different cultures have contributed to its development and continued success. As a result, we have many different “heritage” and “history” months like February being African-American History Month and Hispanic Heritage ...

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Beauty in Stained Glass


Throughout the ages and in many countries, churches and cathedrals have provided a place of solace, reflection, and majesty for the true believer. It might be the size and scale, as many churches have soaring ceilings and massive naves. It ...

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