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Teaching History: Homer

Teaching history with Homer @heduaonline

Homer paints a human picture in his works that show us more about ancient times than just the facts. Find out more interesting facts about teaching history with Homer in this episode of Short Cuts!

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Why You Should Teach High School at Home!


The Rewards of Teaching High School at Home I define “homeschooling in high school” as: Approximately ages 14-18 Approximately grades 9-12 At home instruction at least 50% of the time Thus participation in a coop for three days a week ...

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The Case for Organization


Take a look outside. No, seriously, take a break from all the schoolwork and step outdoors for a moment. Now, here’s your assignment: look at the nature around you and try to see how many systems you can identify. For ...

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10 Most Important Books for College


While there is a veritable deluge of different college prep reading lists, all recommend classics. Classics share these four characteristics: Have timeless application. Survive multiple readings. Concern world view issues. Are the first of a theme or genre. Other than ...

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I Didn’t Do It! (Raising a Gifted Child)


I should have been suspicious when my middle child started talking. You see, my oldest spoke her first words at nine months. Then she never stopped talking. Her vocabulary grew exponentially on a daily basis. So, when my second born’s ...

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Must Reads Homeschool Edition, July 26, 2014

must reads homeschool @heduaonline

Welcome to “Must Reads: Homeschool Edition” for July 26, 2014! Before your weekend gets too busy, we’d like to inspire you with some of our favorite articles from the week from HEDUA’s sites and across the web. Each Saturday we’ll ...

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The Horror of the Flood

The Horror of the Flood @heduaonline

Mike Snavely sits down with Rebecca Keliher to discuss the horror of the flood in the context of creationism and why it is important to study it on this episode of Life Plus Homeschooling.

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The “Rockin’ Mom’s Energy” System 


A System for More Obedient Kids and a More Energized Mom Once in a while, I look around and realize our family is sorely in need of some readjustment. The kids aren’t listening or obeying well, I find myself resorting ...

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The Modesty Question I’m DYING to Ask


Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for modesty. Really, I am. I’m tired of watching TV newscasters sitting on those camera-level couches, constantly tugging at their skirts, because there’s no safe way to sit while delivering the day’s headlines. I ...

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