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What Does it Mean?


Significance in Our Treasures When I was growing up, we loved to decorate for Christmas. The tree went up right after Thanksgiving. Tinsel lined the s...

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Christmas Memories


// What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more! – Dr. Seuss, H...

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Beautiful Imperfection


*CRASH*   “Oh no. Mommy. I’m so sorry!” I’ll never forget the year my sweet five-year-old daughter bumped one of my glass ornaments off the ...

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Jesus Tree

JESUS TREE - There is no other time in our year set aside to think so happily and thoroughly about who Jesus is and what he’s done. That makes Advent and Christmas a perfect time to put in front of us everything we can think of that reminds us of him. #homeschool #Christmas

Decorating the Jesus Tree Talitha: “Mom, I have a tiny disco ball to hang on the Jesus Tree!” Me: “Before you do that, you need to tell me how t...

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Simple Christmas


Remember, this year’s “must-have gifts,” are next year’s garage-sale items. I always try to keep that perspective before getting wrapped up in...

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Organize Your Holidays


5 Homeschool Holiday Survival Tips The season has quickly arrived and Christmas is in full swing. Between the shopping, math lessons, gift wrapping, s...

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Family Decorating Tips


Before kids, I was one of those people who had color-coordinated Christmas tree decorations. None of this hap-hazard hodgepodge stuff for me! Then cam...

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