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Unschooling Easter

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The changing seasons that greet us throughout the year create a natural flow in our lives. There seems to be just enough of each one to make us long for the next. These times can be a wonderful restart for ...

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When Math Makes Them Cry

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Three hours into his math lesson, my son was still only on the eighteenth problem. Eighteen. Out of forty. This was becoming a nightly routine. Not only was I becoming wearied by it, but my son was beginning to hate ...

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Principles: Quiverfull


We live in an age that does not appreciate or value children. How should a Christian approach the subject of family size? Watch this short cut for his thoughts on the matter.

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Mommy, Why Do We ________ on Easter?


I love symbolism. Any time I encounter an odd custom, I like to know its origin. Easter holiday rituals are an ideal time to teach our children about God and life. Why do we celebrate Easter at a different time ...

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Homeschool Grad: Interview with Thomas Umstattd

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Number of years homeschooled: 11 Favorite subject in school: speech and debate Someone you look up to: my father, Tom Umstattd, and Seth Godin Current occupation: CEO of Castle Media Group, LLC Favorite website: Facebook At the age of sixteen, ...

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5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to HEFM


Here at HEDUA, we delight in the growing resources we have to offer on hedua.com. We want to make sure you have everything you need, right at your fingertips. But, sometimes homeschool moms need to be able to curl up ...

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The Distractible Child


In this episode of Life Plus Homeschooling, Carol Barnier and host Rebecca Kehiler discuss these questions and their own personal experiences in creating a more peaceful learning environment with a distractible child in your homeschool.

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Easter Monday Mess


Today is Easter Monday for those who follow the liturgical calendar. For the rest of us, we probably have the traditional post-Easter Monday mess to clean. Easter or Resurrection Sunday celebrations often leave behind their own remnants that require clean ...

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