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Testing! Testing!

TESTING! TESTING! - Even if your child has no intention of going to college at this point, I still recommend testing in high school while the material is fresh in their mind. Then, if they change their minds about college later on, they will be good to go! Since most colleges offer scholarships based on test results and GPA, it’s important to know what to do, and when. #collegeprep #highschool

Let’s talk testing! In particular, college entrance testing for our homeschooled high schoolers. I know, I know. Not a fun topic, and perhaps even ...

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Science Surrounds Us

SCIENCE SURROUNDS US - One does not need a science degree to see science all around us. I would also challenge Christian home educators that science is a subject in which we easily see God, His power, and His creative order. Building our children’s foundation of these qualities of God is vital. #homeschool #science

Science. Does that topic strike fear in your heart, or great excitement? There are some simple ways to incorporate science lessons for your little on...

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Great Start in Science

GREAT START IN SCIENCE - Science is so much more than memorizing facts and figures. Help kids develop an appreciation for the amazing detail our Creator put in place in this world. Encourage them to ask questions, search for answers and develop critical thinking skills. Their curiosity and resourcefulness will keep their minds busy and their hearts full of praise as they uncover new ideas and insights throughout their lifetime. #homeschool #science

Do you dread teaching science? Do you skip science experiments because they’re too much work? Perhaps you feel inadequate to teach such a challengin...

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Math on a Mission

MATH ON A MISSIONS - My husband always says, “There is no charity without profit.” We had profit-making skills to teach before our children could experience the rewards of sharing their profit with others. Here is how we turned one Christmas gift into an integrated, Christ-centered unit study. #math #missions

If there was a way to curb self-centeredness and ignite a passion for math in your kids at the same time, would you try it? Math + Generosity = Mul...

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Math and Art?

MATH AND ART? - As homeschooling educators, we tend to teach math and art as two distinct subjects. Math requires logic; art requires creativity. Math is the strength of the Left-Brain child; art is the strength of the Right-Brain child. Yet back in the 15th and 16th century, some of the best artists were phenomenally good at math. Art and math were considered related subjects, not separate ones, and artists typically excelled in both. #art #math

Okay, I’m supposed to write a math column . . . about art. Does that seem like a paradox to you? Aren’t math and art supposed to be mutual...

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