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The End!


Do you remember the Five Elements of a Good Story? “A Satisfying Solution” is the final element. Have you ever read a story (or written one) that never seems to end? The main character has accomplished his/her goal and yet ...

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How Do Moms Teach Latin?


Dwayne Thomas from Visual Latin joins Rebecca Keliher on Life Plus Homeschooling and shares how moms can teach Latin in the homeschool setting with ease.

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Under Control


When we read the Crusader’s college acceptance letter, we all screamed and leapt with joy. Aloud I cried, “Praise God,” while secretly, I wept—from relief. A “no” would have shown that this homeschooling mom should have prayed more, pushed harder, ...

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14 Ways to End the Whining


Listening to one of my children whine does something in me at gut level, producing a sensation that could just as easily be rendered by having a power sander applied to my heels. I begin to tense up, my eyes ...

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The Myth of Catching Up


This is not written for all the homeschool moms out there who have their days neatly scheduled, their homes picked up, their to-do lists checked off each day, their meal plans in place, their checkbooks balanced, and their children’s curriculum ...

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Must Reads Homeschool Edition, March 21, 2015


Before your weekend gets too busy, we'd like to inspire you with some of our favorite articles from HEDUA and across the web. Each Saturday we’ll share a digest of the best and give you something to do while you drink your morning coffee. Let’s get started!

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As Real As It Gets


Todd and Debbie Wilson of Familyman Ministries discuss what is the most important priority of a homeschool family. Todd and Debbie talk about what it is like to homeschool on the road. They share their passions, their family life, and their goals.

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Around the Sun Again


It’s March! Actually, March is nearly over by now—I think today should be March 20th. (It’s actually January while I’m writing this, but I’m wearing a Hawaiian flowery shirt to make me think of spring.) What happens today? Well, you’re ...

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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


I’ve never been one to do spring cleaning in the traditional sense of the word. My home used to be pretty messy and dirty. Once I learned how to keep up, I found that little by little works better for ...

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A Resignation Letter from Your Mother


It’s exhausting being the peace keeper and the tone setter of my home. I don’t want the responsibility anymore. Who do I talk to? Where do I send my strongly worded letter? Did these kids come with receipts? As if ...

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