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5 Tips for Conquering Chore Chaos


Housework and chores in our Little Red House seem never ending. Throw in seven kids and a complete homeschooling day, and I can just about guarantee laundry piles, dirty dishes and afternoon chaos. But there IS hope! Even before I ...

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Tree of Life

homeschool art @heduaonline

The Tree of Life shows up in almost every world religion, mythology and philosophy. Usually symbolizing the unity of heaven and earth, the tree of life is a striking image that resonates with the viewer. In Christianity, we find the ...

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How I Changed My Schedule & Saved My Life


Are you pressed for time? Homeschooling, volunteer work, co-op, sports, home business … we are all high on the “To Do’s” in our schedules and low on hours. This constant time pressure leads to one thing: stress. There are many ...

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Astronomy: Our Father’s Design, Part 4


When the Sun and the Moon are in opposite orientations, Earth’s shadow dashes across the lunar surface, blocking the Sun’s light and darkening the Moon in a lunar eclipse. From Earth, we view the curved edge of Earth’s shadow biting ...

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Must Reads Homeschool Edition, August 16, 2014

must reads homeschool @heduaonline

Welcome to “Must Reads: Homeschool Edition” for August 16, 2014! Before your weekend gets too busy, we’d like to inspire you with some of our favorite articles from the week from HEDUA’s sites and across the web. Each Saturday we’ll ...

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Home Library How-To


How to Build a Home Library Somehow a room filled with attrac­tive and nicely organized books sends a much different message than a room filled with a computer, large-screen television, and iPod docking station. A home library breathes life, contentment, ...

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Anchor Points in the Fence


By now, you have been subjected to the fence building as long as it took me to do it, or at least it feels that way. Like any good pastor, though, I will ride this illustration pony for as long ...

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You Should Homeschool Your Gifted Kids


The longer I homeschool my gifted kids, and the more I see and talk to other gifted kids and their parents, the more I believe that homeschooling is the best educational option for our nation’s above-average children. I think that homeschooling is ...

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Whose Values Are We Adopting?


The Christian’s View of Adoption “Man!” said the Ghost, “If man you be in heart, not adamant, forbear that wicked can’t until you have discovered What the surplus is, and Where it is. Will you and such as you decide ...

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