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Atmosphere of Peace


A Need for Peace School around the kitchen table, with multiple ages and grade levels, can be challenging in and of itself. Add to the mix stress, noi...

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Giving Independence


I’m Not a Bad Mom! The mom across from me at our homeschool co-op was explaining how she had never had a babysitter except for grandparents. She...

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Younger Over Older


I thought my child was so brilliant! I started homeschooling my oldest daughter for fairly poor reasons. I wanted to register her in public school, bu...

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It’s Elementary, Watson!


Where do you go to school? The question arises frequently. Whether at the doctor, dentist, orthodontist, local YMCA, or new activity, the kids answer ...

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A Toast To The Empty Nest


Waving Goodbye I stood in the yard waving until her car was out of sight, then I turned, trudged resolutely into the house, filled a goblet with spark...

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Thoughtful Meals


Just a Few Meals In the last twenty years, I have served more meals than I care to count. Actually, I do care to count. That’s over 20,000 meals, an...

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