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Stories of Significance


English author Samuel Johnson once wrote, “There lurks, perhaps, in every human heart, a desire of distinction, which inclines every man to hope, and then to believe, that nature has given himself something peculiar to himself.” The Search for Significance ...

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Efficient Phonics

#homeschool efficient phonics @heduaonline

In this workshop, Carol Burton of Burton Reading addresses how to include efficient phonics instruction as part a balanced approach to teaching reading.

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Baby Steps

#homeschool baby steps @heduaonline

November. Time to finish packing away last season’s clothes. I trek to the third floor with my storage bins, intent on getting the job done in as little time as possible. Standing in the boys’ walk-in closet, it hits me. ...

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Teaching to Symptoms, Not a Diagnosis


Once you were given a diagnosis for your child, you wanted to know everything there was to know about it. You read the appropriate books, bookmarked the best websites, and joined the supportive forums. When it comes to homeschooling your ...

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The Law of Diminishing Returns


Like those people in old Europe who ate their food from pewter plates, slowly killing themselves by lead poisoning, Americans are poisoning their lives with sensual images and fantasies. People with lead poisoning get weak and nauseous at first, then ...

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Avancemos and Bien Dit

Avancemos and Bien Dit #homeschool @heduaonline

Avancemos and Bien Dit, the Spanish and French programs from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, include language, culture, grammar, and writing instruction.

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Make Homeschooling Work as a Single Parent


Do you ever get frustrated because your homeschool doesn’t match your dreams? Or maybe because it doesn’t measure up to how your friends (in real life or online) are doing? I wish I could put my arm around your shoulders, ...

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What’s For Dinner?


Hints for Moms on Meal Prep and Homeschooling Of Worms and Workbooks The mother bird perched on the edge of her nest, and dropped pieces into the upturned beaks. The little fledglings didn’t waste time on chewing, and before she’d ...

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Dealing with Death in a Homeschool


Death is the reality nobody wants to discuss. Therefore, most of us are unprepared to cope with it when it impacts us. I know this firsthand, because my mother died in my home just as my children were awaking to ...

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