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Karen DeBeus is a homeschooling mom to four children and a devoted wife to the love of her life. She is passionate about educating others about homeschooling and encouraging families along the way. She is the author of Simply Homeschool: Having Less Clutter and More Joy in Your Homeschool, an eBook written to encourage moms to put God first in their homeschools. She writes about her thoughts on simplifying all areas of our lives on her blog, Simply Living…for Him where her goal is to encourage others to put God first in all they do. Simplifying is about getting back to the basics and reducing the physical clutter in our lives, as well as lessening “mental clutter."

How To Enjoy the Early Learning Years

HOW TO ENJOY THE EARLY LEARNING YEARS - These are the years their foundation is set, the years that set up their view of learning, the years that form their view of relationships with others, and most importantly the years that will begin to shape them spiritually. #faith #homeschooling hedua.com

Nurturing the Early Learning Years The early learning years are so integral for our children’s future. These are the years their foundation is set, the years that set up their view of learning, the years that form their view of ...

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Science and Soul Lessons


Seeing Miracles in the Little Things God is always teaching us and demonstrating things to us through our world around us and through his creation. One day for a science lesson, I took a dried bean and said to the ...

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Simple December Homeschool


We have always taken December to do different things in our homeschool to focus on Christmas. They don’t have to be elaborate ideas or over the top crafts. (No Pinterest needed!) I actually intentionally try to keep it just the ...

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A Living Timeline


A Simple and Meaningful Christmas Tradition While Christmas is such a special day, so much of the joy often gets lost in the busyness. So, we as a family have vowed to keep Christmas meaningful, by not getting distracted by ...

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Learning Nature from The Master Teacher


One of our most special ways to study science in our homeschool, especially in the younger years is to incorporate nature studies. A nature study simply involves getting outside and turning over rocks, looking at leaves, noticing the stars, or ...

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The Bible as Our Core


Many years ago when we first began homeschooling, I had every intention of teaching Bible to my children. So many times, though, we would get busy, and we would see Bible as a “subject” that we could put off to ...

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One Day At A Time, Homeschool Mama

homeschool mama

It really is cliche, but it is so true. We can only do this one day at a time homeschool mamas. We must daily remember that today is all we have, and if we are always living in the future, ...

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Can You Teach Math From the Bible?


I am not a fan of math. Oh, it’s not so bad in the early years of homeschooling — counting, sorting, adding, and subtracting. Then the years progress, and before you know it, we are in the midst of decimals ...

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Choose Surrender Over Strategy


Homeschooling is not something we strategize. It is something we surrender. If you are a homeschooler, chances are you have come across a thousand different ways to homeschool the “right” way or the “best” way. I am afraid, though, that ...

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There Is No “U” in Homeschool


Homeschooling is not about you. Never was. Most days you think YOU aren’t doing it right, YOU are failing, or YOU are wavering. Many days you wonder why are YOU doing this? You know this is the right thing to ...

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