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Homeschool 101

Math Manipulatives


Not Just for “Little Kids” For many people, the mention of math manipulatives calls to mind cute little bears used for counting, or craft sticks t...

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FreedomProject Education


The Classical Online School Rejecting Common Core What sets FreedomProject Education apart from other online programs? The answer is its mission to cr...

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How to Easily Learn!


Have you ever noticed that, though you do a GREAT job of teaching something to your kids, they sometimes don’t get it? Why is that?? And, though the...

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Just Brush Your Teeth


Today, I actually heard a mom friend tell her son, “No! You can’t brush your teeth again!” THAT’S something we never dreamed w...

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I Need Some Me Time!


Finding Time for Yourself One of the biggest advantages to homeschooling is all of the time that you get to spend together as a family. This can, un...

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