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When It All Falls Apart

WHEN IT ALL FALLS APART - my husband had found a way to fulfill his desire to become a more active part of our school days. #science #homeschool hedua.com

The curriculum order was in. The plan was set. Everything was in place for the new year. I was so excited, as I always am, to start afresh with new bo...

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To GED or Not to GED?

TO GED OR NOT TO GED - There are also a myriad of reasons not to take a GED. With all due respect to those who’ve chosen to take it, the prevailing thought is that there is a stigma attached to this particular test. By design, its primary audience is high school dropouts who need something to say that they have accumulated the equivalent of a high school diploma. Is a homeschooled student who has worked hard for four years and graduated in the same category? #GED #homeschooling hedua.com

That is the question—at least, in several of the high school homeschool communities that I frequent. This is an exciting time of year for those that...

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Cleaning House

CLEANING HOUSE - I hate housework of any kind. I have tried to narrow it down to my most and least favorite tasks, but the truth is that none of it appeals to me in any way. I might not like to clean house, but every member of my family needs the house to stay mostly in order for our emotional health. #homeschool #cleaning hedua.com

There is a fact about me that I have always been a little embarrassed to share. I hate housework of any kind. I have tried to narrow it down to my mos...

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A Mom’s Mental Makeover

A Mom's Mental Makeover at hedua.com

Before I had children, I had time to visit the spa once a month. During each visit, I enjoyed a soothing sensory smorgasbord. I loved the sweet tastes...

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An Educational BOGO


Combining History & Other Subjects What is it about seeing a “Buy One, Get One Free” sale that stops us in our tracks? Whether we are a shop-till-...

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