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Homeschooling on the Cheap – K-8th Grade

Homeschool Cheaply with Belinda Bullard

In a tight economy, how can we still homeschool cheaply? Belinda shatters the excuse, “We can’t afford to do that.”


Ideas to Keep Your Homeschool Cheap and Easy

Just how much does homeschooling cost? While some can spend a small fortune each year on homeschool products, it is not necessary. In this episode of Life Plus Homeschooling, Belinda Bullard joins host Rebecca Keliher to discuss just how possible it is to homeschool cheaply, yet effectively through the elementary and middle school years.

Life Plus Homeschooling Show Details

In this episode, you will find several strategies to save money while learning more.

- Think outside the box curriculum.

- Use  the library often.

- Find free audiobooks.

- Print writing paper and even free math worksheets from the internet.

- Watch educational movies on Netflix.

- Buy used books.

For More Information

homeschool cheaply with belinda bullard- Find homeschool resources from Belinda at A Blessed Heritage.

- See more from Belinda on HEDUA’s blog.

- Be sure to check out HEDUA Downloads for many free resources, updated monthly!

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About Rebecca Keliher

Founder of HEDUA CEO Rebecca Keliher is a homeschool mom just like you. She put her love of scrapbooking to work and turned a homeschool newsletter into the beautiful Home Educating Family Magazine. Also known as the Well Planned Gal, Rebecca used her eye for design and knack for organization to create the original homeschool planner, Well Planned Day. As you peruse HEDUA.com, Rebecca hopes you'll be encouraged, inspired, and equipped for your homeschool journey.

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  1. What an amazing video! There is/was so much information I had to get out pen and paper to write down it all and I had to watch it twice. I thought I was doing homeschooling wrong Ive come up with the thoughts to work on what my son is weak in and let him learn at his own pace, maybe a little guidance to help cover the basics would be in order.

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