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Lifeschooling with Kirk Cameron

What is Lifeschooling?

Actor Kirk Cameron shares how his family began homeschooling and why he prefers to call it lifeschooling.

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When actor Kirk Cameron and his wife began to homeschool, they realized that it was more than just teaching their children.  It was lifeschooling. “God gives us as parents the responsibility and the privilege of building a worldview into our kids,” he shares. Children then begin to see that God’s world is a place to explore, learn, and grow.

When friends began to encourage the Cameron family to homeschool, Kirk and his wife wondered if their friends valued education at all. Didn’t everyone send their kids off to school every day? But, as they explored the idea of homeschooling, they actually discovered that their friends valued education even more by keeping and teaching their children at home.

Homeschooling has been an adventure for Kirk’s family. (click to tweet) Lifeschooling has opened their family up to a life that is “full and rich and exciting.”

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story as to why your family choose to be lifelearners. I think that term fits well with how I would like our sons to learn. It was great sharing a mans perspective with my husband. Much more convincing than anything I could say!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s nice having others who share in the joys of loving God and homeschooling their children.

  3. You’re so right we are “Lifeschooling” our kids. I thought about that the other day too because my kids were doing housework with me in the middle of the day. My kids know how to cook, clean, and interact with people from all age groups. I’m not saying this to brag, but like you, I want to install the characteristic that my kids should have in them. I want them to have a passion for God. I want them to value their education too. There just so many reasons why I love homeschooling my kids.

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