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Writing Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. The very name conjures up an image of bed-headed children in mismatched pajamas making a mess of your kitchen as they drip pancake batter across the counter and onto the griddle. Though your little chefs try their best, the hotcakes end up slightly burnt on the outside and a bit raw within.

A sticky syrup bottle and a vase stuffed with dandelions grace the tray they balance carefully as they make their way up the stairs and into your room. With love and smiles, they wake you to a chorus of “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Breakfast is served.

Whether it’s delivering breakfast in bed or creating a handmade card, your children’s hearts are filled up with you, their mama—and on your special day, they can’t wait to present you with their sweet offerings.

Many children, especially younger ones, are eager to bless you on Mother’s Day with something they’ve created themselves, but let’s be honest. Without guidance and direction, it probably won’t happen.

Mother’s Day Writing Activities

Take advantage of the days leading up to this celebratory Sunday. Why not set out a box of paper, writing tools, and craft supplies and encourage your children to write or create something special for you? They can fashion a crafty gift, write a sentimental letter or poem, or design a pretty card. No matter what they come up with, you’ll be one grateful and happy mom. Here are some activities to suggest:

Make a Mother’s Day Card

Draw a picture of a memory you share with Mom, and write a sentence or two about it.

Make a list of things you love about your mother.

“My Mother Is . . .” Write out a list of adjectives that describe your mom.

Create a Coupon Book

Make a list of different ways you can help your mom, such as “Empty the dishwasher,” “Hour of silence,” “Walk the dog,” or “Make a salad.” Cut 5-10 rectangles (approx. 3” x 5”) from computer paper. Choose tasks from the list that she would especially appreciate. In your neatest penmanship, write each one on a separate rectangle. Decorate the coupons with borders, stickers, or artwork, and make a cover. Staple everything together into a booklet.

Write an Acrostic Poem

Write the word MOTHER vertically on a sheet of paper and create an acrostic. For example:

M akes the best brownies

O rders pizza on Friday nights

T eaches me to crochet

H elps me learn my Bible verses

E xercises with me

R eads out loud

Suggest Some Writing Prompts

~Write a paragraph called “How to Be a Fantastic Mom.”

~If money were no object, what gift would you choose to give your mom for Mother’s Day? Write a paragraph describing the gift and explaining what it would mean to her.

~What is your funniest memory of your mom? Write a story about it.

~Observe your mom for several days. Write down all the things she does to serve your family, from grocery shopping to cleaning bathrooms to driving you to piano lessons. Write a letter of appreciation, thanking her for each of the many ways she shows love to your family.

~Write about a special time you and your mom have shared together.

~Imagine that you are entering a contest to win a family vacation in Hawaii. You must convince the judges that you have the best mother in the world. Write an essay explaining why she is the greatest mom ever.

Click here to learn more from Kim about the writing process.

No matter what your children come up with on Mother’s Day, cherish their gifts from the heart. There’s just no substitute!

tn_kimkautzer-writeshopKim and Jim Kautzer enjoy their empty nest in Alta Loma, California, where they began homeschooling in 1989. All three of their children are homeschool graduates. Their son, recently graduated from college, is pursuing his Master’s Degree in England. Both daughters are married, and have blessed the Kautzers with five amazing grandchildren. Learn more about Kim’s work at WriteShop.com.

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