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New Year Update from the Wunderlichs

The Wunderlich Family of Wembach, Germany continues to be grateful that they are together as a family even though the state continues since September of 2012 to maintain full legal custody of the children. The Wunderlich family feels that God has worked to protect them so far and they continue to trust that God will protect them. They are grateful to all those who have prayed for them and helped them as they endure many very difficult trials as they are continually persecuted for choosing to home educate.

XII ZB 41/07

(From the September 11, 2007 decision used against home educators)

When parents persistently to send their children to a state primary school or a recognized private school, but to “homeschool” them instead themselves, this can be an abuse of parental custody which lastingly endangers the welfare of the children involved and necessitates measures by the Family Court…..

With the New Year comes a new and terrible threat in the form of a notice from Frau Lettau, the school representative. She informs the family that she intends to make a visit on January 17th for the purposes of having the children tested and observed by a psychologist. If the visit does not go as planned, she threatens that she will take away the WHOLE custody (with the help of the family court) of the children from the Wunderlich parents, ripping the children by force out of their loving home altogether. We are all praying that this visit, like the last visit, will not occur and that those who would harm this family by forcing the children to go to school or taking the children away from their good home will, through the grace of God, be thwarted.

XII ZB 41/07

(From the September 11, 2007 decision used against home educators)

From a legal point of view, it is completely acceptable, as well as being self-evident in light of the demonstrated resistance of the parents, that such a curator be empowered – as occurred in the judgment of the Family Court – to enforce the handover of the children, by force if necessary and by means of entering and searching the parental home, with the aid of a marshal of the court or of the police, if necessary.

In spite of all attempts to do them harm, the Wunderlich family recently ventured outside the “parental home” (that home that the courts insist they be removed from–see frightening court Decision 41/07, http://hedua.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/FCoJ.pdf  to visit a castle in Otzberg where they bought many, many wonderful books. See them pictured below. Do they appear to be the faces of a dangerous “parallel society” that places the Germany society in danger? Does the mother seem to be abusing her “parental authority” because she chooses to home educate them and take them to castles to buy lots of lovely books to read at home with the family cat near at hand?



XII ZB 41/07

(From the September 11, 2007 decision used against home educators)

Society at large has a rightful interest in working against the formation of religiously or ideologically colored “parallel societies” and in integrating minorities in this respect.

Please continue to pray for the Wunderlich family and all families that are persecuted because they choose to educate their children at home.

by Rhea Aryani

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