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Why Homeschool Special Needs

Are parents really qualified to homeschool their special needs children?

Felice Gerwitz once was a special needs teacher who discouraged others from homeschooling. Learn how she changed her mind and became a homeschool mom herself.

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You can homeschool your special needs child!

Parents often feel ill-equipped to teach their children with special needs. In this episode of Life Plus Homeschooling, Felice Gerwitz with Media Angels shares her personal story and experiences with homeschooling her son through his particular special needs and the blessing she received in doing so.

Life Plus Homeschooling Show Details

Felice Gerwitz frequently discouraged parents from the absurd idea of homeschooling. Then her son was diagnosed with Mosaicism, a form of Down syndrome. Knowing her son learned differently and had already missed some milestones, this anti-homechool special needs teacher decided to homeschool.

In 1986, there was no Internet, and suppliers would not sell resources to homeschoolers unless they had a named school. But, the Gerwitz family did have a home on a strip that flooded frequently, leaving much room for hands-on exploration. This provided the perfect classroom for a special needs child who could not learn from a textbook or worksheets.

As she taught her son, Felice realized that her daughter was also listening and learning. She discovered that unit studies or theme-based education work well for children as they soak information up like a sponge.

How qualified are parents to teach their special needs children?

– One teacher cannot handle a large group of children with so many different special needs. Parents, however, can use a multi-sensory, one-on-one approach to teach their children in multiple ways.

– Parents love their children, want the best for them, are willing to learn with them, and are therefore the best choice for teaching their special needs children.

Some Encouraging Advice

Find each child’s key, what they enjoy, and use that key as motivation.

– Give children time to do the things they want to do.

– Relax!

– Take whatever homeschooling method or movement you choose and make it yours.

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About Felice Gerwitz

Felice Gerwitz is a homeschool mom who loves the Lord and is blessed with an amazing husband and five fabulous kids. She is an author, publisher—Media Angels, Inc. and podcast host. Her journey to homeschooling began in 1986, with a few bumps and bruises but she’s still at it! Felice hosts a weekly podcast at noon eastern time, “Vintage Homeschool Moms” on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network .
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