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Home Educating Family Magazine

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Home Educating Family Magazine

Home Educating Family Magazine is your homeschool magazine — and more! Articles on Christian living, education, and home life delivered right to your mailbox. Always in print, and always engaging. Get your free sample here!

In This Issue

We’re talking about early learning and reading! Don’t miss our interview with Steve Lambert of the popular Five in a Row curriculum—you’ll love what he has to share with homeschooling families. We have lots of practical early learning and reading help for you in this issue, including a free lapbook and study of literary genres from Homeschool in the Woods. And don’t miss the winners of our latest Instagram #homeschoolhappens contest!

Don’t Miss These Articles!

Diana Waring brings you more homeschool encouragement with “A Recipe for Fostering Genius.” Other don’t-miss articles include:  ”Charlotte Mason Learning: The ABCs of Reading” by Anne Campbell, “Helicopter Homeschoolers” from Jan Bloom, and “Helping Your Children Hear from God” by HEDUA founder and CEO Rebecca Keliher.

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Letter from the Editor

You’re Not Alone, Homeschool Mom

I remember not going to the movies…
…or fine restaurants or anyplace where yoga pants and a slightly rumpled, perhaps spit-up stained tee shirt might not quite meet the dress code, for that matter. I also remember not going on many dates with my husband because the only way we could afford sitters was to switch off babysitting duties with friends from time to time, and really, how good a friend do you have to be to volunteer to watch four kids under the age of seven? So it would happen sometimes, but not very often, and that was life.
I’ve heard the years with lots of little ones referred to as “the blurry years” (can I get a witness?). During that time in my life, I used to absolutely live for my Sunday afternoon nap. Read more from the editor here.

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