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Courtship and Dating





February 3, 2014


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What is the difference between courtship and dating?

Have you ever wondered about the answer to that question? Is there a biblical basis for either one? Dennis and Naomi Gundersen join Rebecca Keliher for a discussion about courtship and dating in this episode of Life Plus Homeschooling.


How do you approach courtship and dating?

The concepts of courtship and dating are often confused. What does each one mean? How do they compare with one another? Are they biblical? Dennis and Naomi Gundersen of Grace and Truth Books travel widely sharing their perspective and offering principles for parents desiring to guide their children into godly relationships.

Life Plus Homeschooling Show Details

Dennis and Naomi Gundersen did not want their sons to be drawn away from their family by relationships with young women. Instead, they desired to see families drawn together. So, they presented a plan of courtship to their sons that was less about parental control and more about encouraging their sons to willingly welcome parental counsel.

Every child is different, so the specific implementation of courtship and dating will be unique for each child.

Are courtship and dating biblical? (click to tweet)

Scripture shows a wide variety of manners in which couples come together. There is no biblical mandate for either courtship or dating. But there are principles in the Bible that can guide parents and youth.

Is there a key principle to follow?

In Courtship and Dating: So What’s the Difference? Dennis Gundersen shares seven principles for establishing healthy relationships. But one key principle stands out. It is most important for young people to not be afraid of open communication with their families, including accountability in their relationships.

Also remember:

- Young people respond better to guides than to “can’ts” and “don’ts.”

- Children should be trained to make decisions on their own. Then they should be allowed to make those decisions as youth.

- Parents should focus more on giving guidance than putting up obstacles.

How can parents handle relationships that are not good?

- First, parents need to evaluate whether there is a character problem or simply an opinion that the couple is not a good fit.

- Next, parents should encourage their child to think of the long-term impact of a negative relationship.

More from the Gundersens

courtship and dating- Hear more from Dennis Gundersen here.

- Be sure to visit Grace & Truth Books and like their Facebook page.

- Find more information about courtship and dating on HEDUA’s Media, Blog, and Reviews sites.


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