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Ancient History Memory Game

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Ancient History Memory Game

Anything related to history sparks excitement around our household. If something as simple as a good book excites us, you can imagine how much we enjoy a fun history game. Our current delight is the Ancient History Memory Game from The Classical Historian.

The Ancient History Memory Game contains thirty-two pairs of matching cards with full color pictures of various people, sites, and symbols from ancient history. The high-quality pictures vary in style from drawings and sketchings to photographs and copies of works of art depicting historical scenes. All of the cards fit into one of four location categories related to ancient history: The Fertile Crescent, Greece, Rome, and the Far East. Four additional pairs of cards list these categories so older players can enjoy an “Ancient History Categories” game of sorting the cards into categories.

We love the Ancient History Memory Game for several reasons:

  • The game cards are made of durable, laminated material. The storage box also has a sturdy construction for long-lasting storage. I can see this game easily outlasting our need for it.
  • Many of the images used on the matching cards are identical to familiar images used in most of our other ancient history resources. This consistency reinforces learning and recognition.
  • While memory games are excellent on their own for preschoolers, this game serves the secondary purpose of introducing names and images to young children several years before the history itself is introduced. This familiarity can only serve to enhance later learning adventures.
  • The additional rules for the Ancient History Categories game offer a challenge beyond preschool to elementary children, thus increasing the value of the game for a family.

Although the Ancient History Memory Game meets and even exceeds every claim made about it, I can see one addition that would make this game even more useful to my family. I would love to see a very basic information sheet added to this game that includes the following information:

  1. A basic map showing the location of the four regions included in the categories.
  2. A list of the images portrayed on the cards, including a brief two- or three-sentence description of each one.

Adding this resource would allow parents to give their youngest children just a touch more information about each card without needing to teach a full history curriculum. It would also help parents of older children more easily tie this game into an established ancient history curriculum.

Thanks to the Ancient History Memory Game, my youngest child already has a great grasp on the recognition and pronunciation of many of the things he will be learning over the next two years, and his older sister is cementing in her mind much of what she has read and heard so far. I am delighted to have this game as a resource to use in a variety of ways as we work through our ancient history studies.

About Ann Hibbard

Ann Hibbard loves chocolate, working with words, and ministering to young moms, especially in the homeschool and church communities. Her position as Senior Editor of Web Publishing for Home Educating Family allows her to combine all of those passions, including the chocolate! Ann processes best by writing out her thoughts, and she enjoys sharing many of those thoughts on her two blogs,The Hibbard Five and The Joy of Writing.

Last Updated: November 12, 2012

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72 memory cards, instructions for two games
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for ages 3 through 9
alternative categories game increases age range
basic information sheet would increase usefulness as supplement
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