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Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt Small Deluxe Set

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Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt Small Deluxe Set

My husband and I believe it is very important for our children to have a good understanding of the Bible. We use a variety of resources to accomplish this goal. One of my favorites is Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt Small Deluxe Set.

Through the Bible in Felt Small Deluxe Set includes more than 600 felt pieces, three backgrounds mounted on sturdy cardboard, four overlays, a teacher’s manual, and a cardboard box filing system. The figures and objects cover every Bible story that we have studied, including twelve separate figures of Jesus for various purposes. The largest of the people figures measure about 6 1/2 inches tall. The backgrounds include an indoor scene, a purple backdrop, and a water-and-sky scene. The overlays transform one of the backdrops into a hillside, shore, desert, or throne room. The filing box system is made up of a large, flat, sturdy cardboard box and several flat sheets with the numbered outlines of the felt pieces traced on them. The felt pieces are numbered to allow for an easy return to their proper location.

The felt pieces are beautifully drawn and sturdy. The outstanding teacher’s manual contains drawings of the scenes of popular Bible stories. Each story shows a drawing and provides the locations for the felts, along with their numbers. The background, overlays, and felt numbers needed for the story are listed along the side of the page. While not absolutely necessary, we found that purchasing an inexpensive table easel made the Small Deluxe Set easier to use.

We use our felt set in a variety of ways. It helps introduce our story of the week from our Bible curriculum, Grapevine Studies. Later in the week, I have my children retell the Bible story to me using the felts as a way to check their understanding. My daughter enjoys using the Small Deluxe Set to tell Bible stories to her young cousins. We have also used them at church in small groups. If you are interested in using the felts in a children’s church or large co-op, Betty Lukens has a twelve inch version of the set.

While the backgrounds come already mounted, the figures arrive uncut in sheets of felt. When I received my Small Deluxe Set, it took two adults several days to cut them out. The effort is well worth it, however, as our felts have seen hours of use in our home.


About Stephenie McBride

At age eight, Stephenie McBride developed a life-long interest in teaching others. She taught English as a Second Language and Kindergarten in a public school for six years. Stephenie and her husband, Ben, adopted their two children from Kolkata, India, in 2000 and 2004. She has been an at-home parent and home educator since 2001. They use an eclectic mix of materials and approaches, with a strong emphasis on Charlotte Mason. Stephenie is the Assistant Editor of Publications and a member of the Review Team at Home Educating Family Magazine. She also created and writes for Crestview Heights Academy Homeschool Curriculum. You can read more about Stephenie and her eclectic homeschooling adventures at

Last Updated: December 27, 2012

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600 6-1/2" figures and objects, 3 mounted backgrounds, 4 overlays, teacher's manual, and 1 box filing system
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for families with young children through early elementary
beautiful illustrations; comprehensive, durable
figures arrive uncut
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