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BJU Spelling 6

Genre: Spelling


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BJU Spelling 6

This year, our approach to spelling for our sixth grader was more traditional than usual.  Although we like the hands on approach, we needed something thorough and workbook based for our son allowing him to work more independently. BJU Spelling 6 is very traditional: getting the list, reading, saying, spelling and learning the words through various applications via workbook.

The teacher’s manual is all inclusive, with both the lessons and answer key.  A daily schedule is suggested if you are using Bob Jones University curriculum for your other subjects. The manual also includes a table of daily lesson content, instruction materials, general lesson plans and detailed lesson plans.  Thirty-six units are suggested to take the same amount of weeks.

We are using this curriculum without the available distance learning DVD or online option. We feel the pricing was a bit high to justify the teaching assistance for spelling.   The subject matter seems very attainable without the help of the distance learning teacher.

The teacher’s manual suggests giving a pretest the first day then asking your child to check his/her own work. We’ve chosen not to go this route with our 6th grader since it tends to lead to early frustration. However, our third grader likes this style as it helps him to understand what his goals are for the unit. In my opinion, the words in BJU Spelling 6 are challenging. The last four words of the unit include names of countries. These words are meant to help the student with memorization. My son enjoys learning geography through his spelling, and we frequently get to use a map, globe, or atlas to find the countries.

BJU Spelling 6 offers means to explore beyond the traditional spelling words by learning in several different ways. Each day, your student is given a new workbook page to practice usage and spelling. As a teacher, I appreciate the “Generalization Emphasis” for each unit. What your student will be learning is described with each particular set of words.  The process begins with an assignment on the first day to teach the generalization rule for the words. The second day proceeds with a Bible verse activity. On the third day, BJU Spelling 6 introduces various dictionary skills and gives assignments using the dictionary provided in the back of the book. The fourth day assignment is journal time with an assignment given to the student using  an entry suggestion. We choose not to do this assignment, as it creates a labored day of more writing which seems unnecessary given our workload in other subjects. Instead of journal writing, we often talk about the entry suggestion instead. The curriculum wraps up on the fifth day with study time and a final test.

One aspect that could use improvement is the dictionary provided in the back of the book. Our son would appreciate if every single spelling word were included in the back of the book. He finds it helpful to learn  the words when the definition is included. We feel this would make for a complete spelling and vocabulary curriculum. Overall, we enjoy using BJU Spelling 6 and find it thorough. It incorporates many skills for spelling rather than just learning a new word, memorizing its spelling, and walking away.

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