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Can You Canoe?

Genre: Children's Music


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Can You Canoe?

Can You Canoe? is a new release from the award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers, lifelong friends Justin and Joe. The two friends decided to canoe down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to St. Louis in June of 2011. They used this trip to create fun music for families. The music is in a blue grass/folk style. Banjos, guitars, bass, snare drum, and other instruments combine to make toe-tapping, knee-slapping music that children and parents can enjoy together. The fifteen songs discuss life along the great Mississippi River, as well as themes such as friendship and life without technology.

In addition to fifteen songs on a CD, Can You Canoe? includes an educational and entertaining DVD that shows parts of their trip and some music videos of them along the Mississippi River singing some of the songs from the CD. The chemistry between these longtime friends adds a great element to the DVD. They are very funny and obviously enjoy life. Children will enjoy the silly “Chubby Bunnies” excerpt (marshmallow game next to a camp fire), and parents will nod in agreement as the last river rat talks to the men about life along the river, and how we need to keep our childlike wonder. If you have a child interested in writing music, he will enjoy the segment that shows the men working through the process of deciding which lyrics should go into a song.

If you like to camp or spend time together outside as a family, you will want to add this set to your collection. Can You Canoe? would make a great supplement to unit studies on Mark Twain, the Mississippi River, nineteenth-century American history, and more. Perhaps you just want some fun music for your kids. Whatever the case, the Okee Dokee brothers may soon become one of your child’s favorite music groups, and you may find yourself singing along! You can sample three of the songs over at the Okee Dokee Brothers website.

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Jenny enjoys interacting with homeschoolers as the Communications Manager for Home Educating Family. She is also excited to bring special needs homeschooling to a mainstream magazine. She and her husband Greg are learning to view life through the eyes of their sons–one with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and one with a propensity for pretending. You’ll find lots of interesting stories about finding grace in autism over at her blog, Find her reviews at Home Educating Family Reviews.

Last Updated: October 29, 2012

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CD with 15 songs (38 min.), DVD (40 min.), also available on iTunes
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for ages 3-9
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