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Discovering Who I Am In Christ

Genre: Bible Study


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Discovering Who I Am In Christ


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Discovering Who I Am In Christ

Having enjoyed Discovering Our Amazing God from Deeper Roots Publications, my daughter and I were interested in trying out the second book in the Discovery Series, Discovering Who I Am in Christ. An in-depth, inductive Bible study, Discovering Who I Am in Christ offers students the opportunity to study their personal identity in Christ. Some of the chapter titles include:

  • “A New Creation”
  • “A Royal Priest”
  • “Precious in His Sight”

Discovering Who I Am in Christ Content

Discovering Who I Am in Christ contains both a teacher’s guide and a student book. The teacher’s guide is essential, as it includes much more than just the answers to the questions! Teachers will find a detailed explanation for using the curriculum, as well as suggestions for making the Scripture memory challenges fun and easier to learn. An “across the curriculum” section helps the teacher integrate other subjects into the Bible study. Teacher’s notes offer tips, explanations, answers to questions, and discussion ideas. The teacher’s manual also includes lesson goals, bulletin board ideas, and a list of materials that will be needed. The student manual contains worksheets with all of the questions, a study guide, and lined pages for use when students write their reflections, or journal entries.

What’s in a lesson?

There are several components to the Discovering Who I Am in Christ lessons.

  • Between answering the questions, writing reflections, and completing writing projects, there is a lot of writing required for Discovering Who I Am in Christ. If your child enjoys writing, this will be no problem. My daughter does not like to write, so we complete some of her work orally instead.
  • We especially enjoy the unreached people groups section in each lesson of Discovering Who I Am in Christ. Each of these sections includes a brief description of an unreached people group, such as the Nukak or the Balinese,  as well as a prayer focus for that particular group.
  • The memory work is challenging, but doable. My daughter and I enjoy working on these together, although she is much quicker at learning them than I am!

The lessons in Discovering Who I Am in Christ require several outside materials, not all of which are readily available. For example, one of the lessons uses a cocoon with a live caterpillar. If necessary I substitute materials (the teacher’s manual offers the suggestion of a video instead of the physical cocoon), or skip that particular object lesson altogether.

If you enjoyed Discovering Our Amazing God, you are sure to appreciate Discovering Who I Am in Christ as well.

About Stephenie McBride

At age eight, Stephenie McBride developed a life-long interest in teaching others. She taught English as a Second Language and Kindergarten in a public school for six years. Stephenie and her husband, Ben, adopted their two children from Kolkata, India, in 2000 and 2004. She has been an at-home parent and home educator since 2001. They use an eclectic mix of materials and approaches, with a strong emphasis on Charlotte Mason. Stephenie is the Assistant Editor of Publications and a member of the Review Team at Home Educating Family Magazine. She also created and writes for Crestview Heights Academy Homeschool Curriculum. You can read more about Stephenie and her eclectic homeschooling adventures at

Last Updated: July 8, 2013

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