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Patriotic Symbols and Memorials

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Patriotic Symbols and Memorials

My children love to glean information from books, but occasionally they enjoy learning by activity as well. Patriotic Symbols and Memorials Activity Book offers a delightful way to combine learning by reading and activity.

Patriotic Symbols compiles over two dozen symbols that represent our nation, providing both an image and a brief informative description of each symbol. Most of the symbols are also accompanied by an additional activity.

Patriotic Symbols is created for use with the wide age range of kindergarten through fifth grade, a challenge for any activity-based product. This particular product handles the challenge well.

  • The informative paragraphs accompanying each symbol are brief enough to hold a younger child’s interest while still being informative enough for an older child to read independently.
  • Every symbol except the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Pentagon includes an image to color. The images are large enough to be colored by the youngest children, yet detailed enough to be interesting for older children. Also, older children can be challenged to research each symbol in order to color it properly.
  • An additional activity follows many of the symbols’ descriptive pages. Unlike the coloring pages, these activities range in complexity. A kindergartener could easily complete the Liberty Bell Matching exercise while a third grader might be more adept at the White House Scramble. The PDF version of Patriotic Symbols allows each parent or teacher to choose which activities to print, depending on the age of the child.

Patriotic Symbols lacks one useful component: a table of contents. Because we use the book in conjunction with other studies, the absence of the table of contents makes it more difficult for me to determine which pages I need to print each day. My own table of contents, created as a separate file, helps me keep track of what I have used and what I need.

My two younger children both enjoy working through the activity pages. Each day I print off the pages matching our daily focus. I hand my fourth grade daughter her packet, and she enjoys reading the information on her own and completing the exercises. She rarely needs my help, and she typically pulls out the encyclopedia for further research after reading through the descriptions. Patriotic Symbols provides a nice springboard for her.

My first grade son requires much more interactive assistance with Patriotic Symbols. He reads well, so he and I take turns reading and discussing the information for each symbol. I evaluate whether he can complete an activity on his own, with me, or not at all yet. If the activities are too challenging for him, I use them as a guide for creating comprehension questions.

Whether used to present a quick, informative unit on patriotic symbols or to supplement a deeper study of the United States, Patriotic Symbols provides a fun, simple overview of the many sites that represent our nation.

About Ann Hibbard

Ann Hibbard loves chocolate, working with words, and ministering to young moms, especially in the homeschool and church communities. Her position as Senior Editor of Web Publishing for Home Educating Family allows her to combine all of those passions, including the chocolate! Ann processes best by writing out her thoughts, and she enjoys sharing many of those thoughts on her two blogs,The Hibbard Five and The Joy of Writing.

Last Updated: February 11, 2013

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