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Veritas Press Scholars Academy

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Veritas Press Scholars Academy

“Have you ever wished your children could receive expert instruction in Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, or the Omnibus? Have you ever wished you could have the assistance of an expert teacher who would teach specific subjects to your children and give you some relief?”

It was like a soothing voice calling me through the fog. We were at a difficult point in our homeschooling journey as I balanced the challenges of teaching four children while expecting my fifth. We had used and loved different curriculum from Veritas Press, so I knew that the material wouldn’t disappoint. Although I had a mix of anticipation and trepidation at the thought of handing over a large part of my son’s instruction to a stranger, we took the plunge. Seven courses later, I am so pleased with the quality and excellence that the Veritas Press Scholars Academy has provided my family that I had to write this review.

Veritas Press Scholars Academy Details

A short perusal of the Veritas Press Scholars Academy instructors’ bios will satisfy the most rigorous standards. Here is a group of highly educated and experienced instructors who are obviously passionate about teaching. Their bios read like an impressive resume: “founder of a classical Christian school,” “director of curriculum and instruction,” “co-author,” “magna cum laude graduate,” “M.A. in Literature,” “taught Logic, IEW, Shurley Grammar, Toastmasters, and SAT Prep,” etc. They come to you live from all over the U.S., some at the crack of dawn from the West Coast! So, why are they teaching online for Veritas Press Scholars Academy? Quite simple. The majority of them home educate (or have graduated from educating) their own children! Such a relief to know that they have an understanding of and the heart for homeschoolers!

The grammar school classes of Veritas Press Scholars Academy are mainly history, literature, Latin, grammar, and writing. The range of classes offered in the secondary grades is simply mind-boggling. Each year, more classes and teachers have been added to keep up with the boom in enrollment. The seventy-five-minute classes are usually scheduled Monday through Wednesday or Tuesday through Thursday and last for thirty-two weeks with exam weeks and breaks during the holidays.

A Look in the Veritas Press Scholars Academy “Classroom”

Enter the live virtual Wimba classroom and expect to be engaged by the instructor presenting visuals, songs, videos, and power points. Veritas Press Scholars Academy students often have the opportunity to answer questions, read aloud, chant, or even sing their memory work. They play games or have additional reinforcement. Occasionally, there are technical troubles,  but all classes are archived and readily available for review at your convenience. Neither the instructors nor the classes themselves are stuffy or intimidating. Communication with the instructors via e-mail or phone is always welcome and helpful. I was so pleased to see my son flourishing in his classes and genuinely enjoying them.

Instructors grade work, take note of participation and conduct, and provide feedback; but the parent is to provide oversight for the student. I often check the scholar’s page to see what is due or needs printing out. I love that they suggest ‘extras’: links to videos and websites that have been pre-screened and chosen for their relevance and value. Homework takes about an hour a day, longer for big projects. Over the years we’ve made Roman scenes, formed Mesopotamian pottery, built aqueducts out of Legos, re-created Gettysburg, cooked a cowboy dinner, made moccasins, and memorized “The Lady of Shalott.” Quizzes, midterms, and final exams or assignments contribute to grades. At the end of the year, there is great satisfaction knowing that your student has had a solid classical, Christ-centered, rigorous academic experience in the hands of a godly, seasoned, and enthusiastic instructor. I highly recommend the Veritas Press Scholars Academy and wholeheartedly give it 4.5 stars!

Born in South Korea, raised in Canada, multiplying in the States, and ripening in West Virginia, Julie is a happy helpmeet to her hard-working husband, Anthony. They have been abundantly blessed with five unique and beautiful children who stay home with mom all day, every day, 24/7. Her life is spiced up with a variety of gifted and struggling learners, with a baby underfoot.

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Last Updated: November 14, 2011

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  1. jetzmama
    February 7, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Definitely checking into this! I love the teacher feedback you described as well as the opportunities for hands on activities to 'cement' the lessons in their minds. How wonderful to have teachers who are proficient at that which they are teaching! (Might have to enroll myself for summer school!)

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