College Insert Programs

HEDUA ships thousands of packages to homeschoolers each year, and your college can insert a brochure, catalog, or other product samples. HEDUA offers colleges the unique opportunity of direct mail marketing with the added bonus of targeting high schoolers in specific geographic locations. By narrowing the delivery of your college information, you are guaranteed a highly targeted recipient.

The benefits of college insert marketing include:

  • Package inserts guarantee that the advertisement reaches a current, active homeschool family. No need to be concerned about whether or not your mail list is current.
  • Interest is guaranteed. The consumer knows that the insert is homeschool friendly because it arrived with a homeschool product order.
  • Trust is inherited. Because the customer has ordered from a trusted brand, she can, by extension, trust the company that is marketing with her trusted brand.
  • Direct mail options are no longer limited to brochures. Any item that can be easily inserted into a product order can be included, enabling companies to utilize marketing that stays in front of the homeschooler all year long.
  • Even with brochures, catalogs, etc., cost is reduced because there is no need to purchase a permit through USPS.