Coupon Book Best Practices

If you were to look in the mailbox of the typical family, you’d probably see a coupon delivery at least once a week. Major retailers understand that families love coupons. Homeschool families are no exception!

Keep in mind, though, that homeschoolers are a brand loyal consumer. Any brand that proves itself to be truly homeschool friendly will gain fiercely loyal customers. These customers will be excited about each new product the brand releases and will enthusiastically participate in word-of-mouth promotion whenever possible.

This is why partnership with a trusted brand can create solid results. Companies who advertise in a HEDUA coupon book are accessing the trusted relationship HEDUA’s brands already have within the homeschool community.


So, what is the best way to engage homeschoolers with coupons?

First, determine your campaign focus. Are you seeking to build awareness or see conversion? An awareness campaign in a coupon book will be more about focusing on those seven impressions that are necessary to bring about a conversion, whereas a conversion focus will seek to ensure that customers ultimately make a purchase.

When building a coupon, be very clear about your preferred focus. If conversion is the intention, stop and ask whether or not you have already begun to establish the impressions necessary to create conversion. If not, HEDUA can help you bundle an ad package that will provide your brand with the impressions it needs to allow a coupon to convert successfully.

Once your focus has been determined, you must next determine the details of your offer. Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Present an offer of value. If a customer sees that you are simply advertising something that is always free on your site, there will be no urge to take action. If, however, homeschoolers sense that the coupon is targeted to a specific audience to provide an offer of value, the nudge to take action grows exponentially.
  • Use coupon codes. Codes not only make it easy for customers to ensure they are receiving the appropriate offer, they also allow you to track the success of your campaign. This enables you to determine what you did well, what was lacking, and how you should approach future engagements with the homeschool community.
  • Make the coupon sharable. Remember the statement about homeschoolers enthusiastically participating in word-of-mouth promotion of trusted brands? If a homeschool mom can not only share about the brand but can also share a coupon code, her promotion of your brand multiplies!

Finally, remember the importance of bundling! Print ads, such as coupons and magazine ads, are still the strongest form of advertising, but in this digital ages they are much stronger when combined with digital components. A print coupon that is included in a free digital version of the coupon book and is also marketed on social media will be exponentially more effective than a coupon that is presented in any one of those avenues individually.

This is why HEDUA’s advertising packages automatically combine the most effective print and digital avenues. When you promote your coupon through HEDUA, you not only access a trusted venue in the homeschool community, but you also automatically market your brand in the most effective way possible.