Direct Mail Advantages

Even in this digital age, homeschoolers love information they can hold in their hands, file away for timely use, and share with their friends. Because of this, direct mail remains a highly effective marketing method within the homeschool community.

But there’s a catch.

Unlike general marketing mail-outs, direct mail to the homeschool community must be highly targeted. Companies need to know who the current homeschoolers are. And, with a 30% annual turnover in homeschooling families, last year’s mail list will miss a large number of this year’s homeschoolers. Unfortunately, most homeschool mail lists are several years outdated, making it very difficult to ensure that targeted mail-outs reach current homeschooling families.

Even if the mail-out does reach a homeschool family’s mailbox, it can be very difficult for the recipients to separate legitimate, trusted homeschool offers from the mass mail-outs received on any given day. By the time a company has printed a brochure or catalog, found a way to obtain a current list of active homeschoolers, and paid for postage as well as clean-up on the mail list and USPS-friendly barcodes, the cost of direct-mail marketing leaves little room for marketing that doesn’t stand out!

Solving the Problem with Package Inserts

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Homeschoolers already make homeschool-related purchases. Why not take advantage of those purchases with package inserts?

Consider this scenario: a homeschool mom places an order for a set of math workbooks. When she opens the box, she sees not only her workbooks but a handful of additional treats as well. Perhaps she finds a brochure that solves a field trip need or an information card that she can file away for next year when she’ll need biology lab supplies. Maybe she sees a set of bookmarks she can use for read-alouds and history books – bookmarks that just so happen to serve as a daily reminder of that new source for great living books. An ink pen, a set of sticky notes, or a magnet keeps reminding her that online courses are just a click away if she needs something a little different.

Suddenly, because it is partnered with a brand that is already trusted by this homeschool mom, direct mail marketing becomes much more effective.

Consider these specific advantages of package inserts:

  • Package inserts guarantee that the advertisement reaches a current, active homeschool family. No need to be concerned about whether or not your mail list is current.
  • Interest is guaranteed. The consumer knows that the insert is homeschool-friendly because it arrived with a homeschool product order.
  • Trust is inherited. Because the customer has ordered from a trusted brand, she can, by extension, trust the company that is marketing with her trusted brand.
  • Direct mail options are no longer limited to brochures. Any item that can be easily inserted into a product order can be included, enabling companies to utilize marketing that stays in front of the homeschooler all year long.
  • Even with brochures, catalogs, etc., cost is reduced because there is no need to purchase a permit through USPS.
The HEDUA Advantage

Partnering with HEDUA ensures all of the advantages listed above, but the list does not stop there. Because HEDUA provides a variety of brands, the opportunity for marketing is widespread. Whether customers are ordering planners, lesson plans, assessment tests, or used books, your company’s insert is guaranteed to be included in the order.

Additionally, when compared with USPS pricing, HEDUA’s Direct Mail options can save your company up to 35% by reducing the need for USPS permits, mail list clean-up, and barcodes.

Whatever your marketing needs, HEDUA can ensure you reach the homeschool family directly and effectively through Direct Mail Marketing.