Creating an Engaging Eblast

Welcome to the most effective avenue for marketing in the homeschool industry. When you partner with HEDUA, you secure the backing of a trusted name in this tight-knit community.


Even with the trusted influence of HEDUA offering your company an introduction to the homeschool industry, it is still critical for you to let the homeschool audience know what to expect from your brand. In order to accomplish this, you need impressions. Research indicates that seven impressions are needed before a customer will purchase a product.

Knowing the amount of “noise” that infiltrates the average homeschooler’s e-mail inbox, HEDUA has carefully researched and developed an e-mail campaign system that combines multiple, strategic sends with targeted social media pushes. This strategy helps you make the most of a single campaign, allowing you to create interest, drive conversions, and maintain interest among existing customers.


HEDUA provides the avenue to maximize the reach of your campaign, but a key first step is building an e-blast that will engage well with those reached! Before you build your e-blast, it is important to understand your goal. Are you looking for brand awareness or conversion? Do you simply want to establish relationships and secure e-mail addresses, or do you want to convert customers? Knowing your goal in advance allows HEDUA to build the most effective approach to ensure success.

Once you have determined your goal and created a focus for your e-blast, here are a few ways to make the most of an e-blast:

  • If you have advertised with HEDUA in the past through print, web, or e-mail advertising, be sure to keep your brand image consistent with the impressions you have already made.
  • Build brief, attention-grabbing text and graphics. While you do not want the appearance of your content to be obnoxiously bold, you do want it to snag the eye as readers skim their latest HEDUA e-mail.
  • Make your call to action clear. Your goal is to get the readers to click on your offer, so provide a single option and encourage the click.
  • Build a simple landing page leading directly to the freebie or product you wish to emphasize. Offer the option to explore more, but keep this page simple and easy to navigate so your customer does not have to search for the offer presented in your e-blast.
  • Finally, but most importantly, create a subject line that creates interest. Communicating the subject matter of your email in the subject line is critical. The most successful campaigns have included a trusted brand name, a call to action or deadline, and information on how the products or services within the email will help the homeschool mom.

Access to HEDUA’s trust name and 85,000 e-mail subscribers offers a compelling reason to purchase an e-mail advertising package through HEDUA. But, when you advertise through HEDUA, you also gain access to a solid campaign system that recognizes the value of repeat sends and social media coordination. Utilizing these tools, HEDUA can customize your campaign to ensure that your offers receives maximum visibility. That is the HEDUA difference.