Print Ads in Homeschooling

The Internet has drastically changed the homeschool community. Twenty years ago, print and direct mail offered the only truly viable avenues for reaching homeschoolers. With so many digital options available now, the question must be asked: do print ads still reach homeschoolers?

The answer is a surprising yes.

Despite the fact that homeschoolers make strong use of the Internet for resource purposes, a homeschool mom is still much more likely to spend her downtime pulling away and browsing her favorite magazine than simply perusing blogs and homeschool social media feeds. Her online time is purposeful and intentional, seeking content that can be practically utilized in the home and homeschool setting. But, her favorite homeschool magazine offers the chance to slow down and unwind while being strengthened in the journey, thus strongly influencing her homeschool decisions. In fact, 45% of homeschoolers state that they are likely to accept homeschool advice from a book or magazine.

Consider also the continued importance of trust in the homeschool community.

  • Brand Confidence – When a company advertises through a trusted venue, homeschoolers know that the advertiser is legitimate and serious.
  • Strong Pass-Along Rate – Homeschoolers share materials, so a single print subscription may actually impact multiple families.
  • Long Term Value – Most homeschool magazines are passed around for 3-5 years.

Now, consider this: 49% of homeschoolers surveyed read Family Magazine.


So, does this mean companies can continue print marketing as they have always done and still expect the same results? Well, not exactly.

As has been true in the past, a company still needs multiple impressions before a consumer will trust the brand enough to make a purchase. Those impressions work to establish awareness and create interest before they convert to sales. Continued impressions serve to maintain interest among the consumer. Unlike in the past, however, when a customer tended to make a purchase after an average of seven impressions, the increased number of digital ads has raised the impression count to between eleven and thirteen.

Statistics such as these make it clear that recognition of the digital age must be made even while acknowledging the continued importance and effectiveness of print marketing. For this reason, it is critical to package the print ad with digital components that allow for additional impressions, strengthen brand awareness overall, and provide trackable results.

These digital components include digital versions of a print magazine, promotion of each issue through digital avenues such as e-blasts, social media campaigns (including Facebook and Pinterest), and selective sharing of articles online with accompanying sidebar ads. Were these components to exist in digital format only, companies would lose the significant impressions that come from the sharing of tangible, print materials. But, when print and digital components are combined, companies benefit from the longstanding strength of the print platform combined with advances into the digital age.


The final piece of the print platform puzzle lies in the intentionality of design, an intentionality that is very important in all of HEDUA’s ventures.

What readers do not consciously process as they read each issue of Family Magazine is that Family’s design team considers placement of advertisements as carefully as article placement. In an effort to provide our advertising partners the greatest visibility and brand promotion, ads are placed next to helpful content that communicates the brand’s support of homeschooling. This heightens the visibility of each ad and promotes its relevance to the reader. When placement is combined with solid design in an ad, the reader is automatically drawn to the combination of practical content and suggestions for products that will help them implement the advice they are receiving.

This design intentionality extends through every digital platform to produce a longevity that will keep the homeschooler, her family, and her friends coming back again and again to a visual reminder of each company’s product. When all is said and done, you will have invested in a long-term relationship with the homeschool community through the ready-made platform of the Family Magazine and HEDUA brands.