The Homeschool Family

Most communities share common interests. As a result, members of those communities pass around the names of businesses with whom they have had good experiences, accentuating the impact of advertising. In the homeschool community, however, the opposite is true. Word of mouth lays the foundation, without which the advertising accomplishes little.

Because they have dedicated their lives to this unique way of life, homeschoolers understand each other in a way that those outside the community simply cannot. This bond creates a strong sense of trust in what other homeschooling parents have to say about products and services they have purchased. Consequently, word of mouth has traditionally played a much more important role in the buying decisions of homeschooling families than it does in other communities.

This reality leaves many companies daunted by the prospect of marketing within the homeschool community. Without a pre-existing relationship or connection, is it even possible to make solid inroads into the homeschool market?

Fortunately, the answer is yes! With two primary building blocks, companies can lay the foundation for successful marketing within the homeschool community.

Getting to Know the Homeschooling Family

The first building block is an understanding of homeschool families. When companies understand who homeschoolers are, they are better able to build marketing campaigns that truly resonate within the homeschool community.

Although every family is unique, here are three components that can help companies better understand homeschoolers:

  • Homeschoolers have unique needs. Homeschooling is not just an educational choice. It is a way of life. As such, the needs of homeschoolers often differ greatly from families who make traditional schooling choices. Both types of families may use the same product or service, but how they use it will differ greatly.
  • Homeschoolers are brand loyal. Any brand that proves itself to be truly homeschool friendly will gain fiercely loyal customers. These customers will be excited about each new product the brand releases and will enthusiastically participate in word-of-mouth promotion whenever possible.
  • Homeschoolers are close knit. Word-of-mouth promotion works because homeschoolers not only trust one another but love to share. They have relationships with each other, they extend trust to anyone a friend trusts, and if they have found a great brand they will tell every other homeschooler they know!
Finding a Partner in the Community

The second building block is partnership. When companies partner with organizations that already have a trusted relationship within the homeschool community, that trust is extended. But the advantages stretch even more deeply than simple trust. Companies that take advantage of partnerships can utilize the knowledge and understanding of an “inside” organization to help get to know homeschooling families better, grasp the unique needs of homeschoolers, and customize marketing campaigns to truly resonate within the homeschool community.

Home Educating Family (HEDUA) was born from within the homeschool community, established by a second-generation homeschool mom whose family had worked hard to ensure homeschooling rights for Tennessee families. As a result, HEDUA has long had a hand on the pulse of the homeschool industry, understanding current needs and perceiving future trends. This understanding and comraderie make HEDUA a uniquely trusted brand within the homeschool community.

When your company partners with HEDUA, homeschoolers automatically connect your products with their trust in various HEDUA brands. Meanwhile, HEDUA’s interactive marketing model provides helpful feedback to help you know how to best structure a campaign that will resonate well within the homeschool community.

The homeschooling community may not be an easy or automatic market. But, with HEDUA, your company can find both the relational and partnership building blocks necessary to successfully market to homeschoolers.