Traffic & Marketing

With the soft launch of explorehomeschooling.com in September 2018, listings began to populate. In January 2019, over 3,000 local and online listings will go live.

HEDUA will utilize its 300,000 customer base, e-blast newsletter, Facebook ad campaigns, and other social media platforms to drive traffic in 2019. In the summer of 2019, coupons and events will launch, giving listings the opportunity to drive additional traffic to their listings.

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2019 Marketing Plan
Site Population With extensive research for local support, classes, teams, and enrichment programs, explorehomeschooling.com will launch with over 3,000 local listings generating immediate interest for all homeschoolers.
E-Mail Marketing Utilizing HEDUA’s 300,000 e-mail addresses, e-banners, newsletters, and dedicated e-blasts will be sent 6-12 times a year highlighting different aspects of explorehomeschooling.com.
Social Media: Facebook Drive traffic and create brand awareness by creating custom audiences within the Facebook platform. These audiences will incorporate existing homeschool families and look-a-like audiences interested in homeschooling.

Campaigns will also include targeted geographical locations with promotional assets for the specific regions.

There will be an average of 1-4 campaigns running each month, lasting 7-31 days for a full year strategy.

Social Media: Pinterest Four Pinterest-friendly designed graphics for each of the How to Homeschool Articles will be created and circulated aggressively on Pinterest throughout the entire year.

Explore Homeschooling is also coordinating with popular homeschool bloggers to guest write articles to post on both sites. These articles will also receive four Pinterest images and be posted aggressively.

Pinterest has proven one of the top three viable platforms for reaching homeschoolers and gaining brand awareness and traffic.

Social Media: Instagram Utilizing the custom audiences within Facebook and Instagram, sponsored posts will be posted throughout the year.
Web Advertisement Placing leaderboard and sidebar ads on HEDUA’s popular websites will create an abundance of impressions and brand awareness and drive traffic. Promotional assets will reflect the different seasons in the homeschool purchasing cycle.
Sponsored Blog Posts By publishing sponsored blog posts on Well Planned Gal site, both organic traffic and promoted traffic through social and e-mail will bring brand awareness.
Listing Promotions With the addition of the Coupon and Events features on explorehomeschooling.com, we anticipate a dramatic surge in website traffic. Utilizing the different coupons and events, social and e-mail campaigns will be created weekly to announce new website content.
Additional Promotions Throughout the year, special incentivized promotions – including free e-books, downloads, and e-courses – will be utilized to draw traffic and awareness. In addition, giveaways are planned for the high season of May – August.