Creating a Dynamic Post

Any company that has tried to market in the past decade knows how quickly options and techniques change. This is especially true in the digital world where fads rise and fall in an instant. Companies that, a few years ago, jumped at the chance to advertise on a blog now wisely question the effectiveness of such a venture.

While the stereotypical blog concept may have faded a bit over time, the value of web content and articles has not decreased. As with all other marketing concepts, the practices remain the same, even as specific options and methods change over time. The wise company seeks out opportunities to advertise through venues that keep up with the most effective options and methods.

HEDUA’s web marketing packages ensure the effectiveness of leaderboard ads by engaging across all digital platforms – desktop, tablet, and mobile – to ensure maximum visibility. When paired with sponsored posts, these leaderboard ads become even more effective!


As leaderboard ads begin promoting brand awareness and drawing attention, sponsored posts heighten engagement by directly interacting with homeschoolers.

    A dynamic sponsored post includes several components:

  • Text that builds a relationship or need: It is tempting to make a sponsored post all about a product or your company. But the most effective articles begin by identifying a more general need among homeschoolers. Using 400-500 words, create an article that builds a relationship with your target audience before you dive into selling your product.
  • Images: Like with any form of marketing, visual components are critical. This is the primary way a connection is made between the general interest text of your article and the benefits of your product to meet the need presented. Utilize images that show your product or brand clearly, giving information that will allow your reader to assess the value of what you have to offer.
  • Call to action: Once you have identified a need that can be met through your product or brand, provide brief and direct information that ties to your brand’s ability to meet that need. HEDUA’s designers will use this information to create a call to action section at the end of your post, carrying your article from the point of awareness and interest to clicks and conversions. Something as simple as encouraging your audience to “Learn More” can produce valuable engagement.
  • Longevity: One of the greatest advantages of sponsored posts is that they have long lives. A single sponsored post may have a life span of five years! During this time, the article will be shared on social media, linked in other articles, and passed around by homeschoolers. Be sure to build your text, images, and calls to action in a way that matches that longevity.

Remember that a sponsored post, while effective, should only make up one part of your campaign. Consequently, it is important to make sure that your sponsored post visually connects readers with a consistent portrayal of your brand. Don’t forget that the easiest way to accomplish this is to market in a coordinated effort, as with an advertising package containing coordinated branding. In doing so, you can establish a comprehensive, engaging presence in the homeschool community that will continue for years to come.