Impressions and Readership

Leaderboards advertisements are displayed on HEDUA’s wellplannedgal.com website. Each year as our homeschool product line expands, our social media reach expands, and our customer base grows, the natural result is increased web traffic. In the first four months of 2020, Well Planned Gal increased web traffic by 82%!

Well Planned Gal web traffic is distinctive. Not only is it the niche market of homeschoolers, but an average bounce rate of under 26% (55% being average) shows the traffic is intentional and not accidental. Additionally, a visit duration that is double the average page visit makes it clear that the Well Planned Gal audience is learning while exploring. Leaderboard ads are shown both at the top and bottom of each page, with an average monthly impression of 30,000.

Sponsored blog post impressions range from 50,000 to 400,000, and readership ranges from 500 to 7,500 based on the package the client purchases, the content focus, and social sharing. The most successful faith-based and homeschooling posts were on the following topics:

Faith Based Topics
Homeschool Topics
Parent/Child Relationships Charlotte Mason / Living Books
Teaching Children About Faith Homeschool Success
Parenting Tips for Training Children Homeschool Common Core
Average Monthly Web Traffic
Season Visitors Pageviews Analysis
High-Mid Season
(January – March)
44,958 111,045 This time of year is when homeschool families are reassessing their curriculum choices and making changes for the second semester. There is an upswing in purchasing educational products and services.
Low-Mid Season
(April – June)
46.7916 168,110 School is wrapping up in most homes and homeschool parents are looking forward to some time off school; however, they are also aware they need to prepare to make purchases for the following year.
High Season
80,872 309,445 This is the time most homeschool families are making curriculum decisions and purchases. Although it’s the most profitable period for businesses, the decision to buy is generally made in the two seasons prior.
Low Season
(October – December)
28,188 54,870 School is in full swing and the holidays are around the corner. This is the season parents are looking for enrichment programs and products both locally and online. This is also the season for educational gifts.